A future built on the past


For the last three decades we have built homes with a level of quality that our homeowners can count on. Homes that have been designed and crafted to give them style, comfort and a place they are proud to call their own.

Our History

The story of Trellis Properties is one of two families, two generations living parallel lives, coming together to create a legacy.

It begins 30 years ago with a roofer and a cabinet maker. They each started their careers as subcontractors, working on homes and townhomes throughout the Lower Mainland. 20 years later, their reputations for craftsmanship and reliability had allowed them to each start successful companies that built single-family and multi-family homes throughout the Lower Mainland.

They had over the years crossed paths, but never imagined a future where their almost parallel lives would become one. It was only when their sons, who were both studying at Simon Fraser University, met and recognized that what their fathers had accomplished individually, could be united to create a legacy for the future.

Trellis Properties was founded on the experience and expertise of the first generation, and the vision and vitality of the next. It is a story of two fathers and two sons, and a future built on the past.

Our Values

We come from humble beginnings. From hard work, learning from experience, and from doing things the right way.

We are a company that is founded on relationships, on trust, and is a place where a handshake and a promise still means something. We are old fashioned in our its approach, and visionary in our implementation. Our values come from our family roots, and it forms a foundation that hundreds of homeowners in the Lower Mainland have put their trust in for over two decades.

Our Philosophy

As a family-owned and operated company, we understand what buying your own home means to you.

We know the financial commitment it takes, and the trust you put in a homebuilder to create a home that will not only live up to the dreams you have today, but also to the hopes of what home ownership will give you in the future. Its why we take so much care in designing, developing and building every one of our homes. Our 3 decades of experience lets us create homes that will give you lasting quality, enduring style, and a place that is carefully and thoughtfully created to be with you for a lifetime.

“Being part of a family business like ours is something very meaningful to us. It represents a real pride in what we’ve achieved, the experience gained, and the relationships built. And it reminds us that every day that everything we do has to live up to that standard.”

- Paul Burmy

Upcoming Project

The Arbor

Set gracefully on the upper slopes of Kelowna’s Westbank is a world of contemporary amenities and an abundance of nature at every turn. A world that contains the essence of a naturally urban lifestyle.


Past Projects

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The Team

Leading by example

Two fathers, and two sons – we are a family business built on the experience and expertise of two generations. Our values come from our founders, and their philosophy of hard work and dedication to craftsmanship has not only been passed onto generation to the next, it is a foundation that everyone on our team follows in everything we do.